Change of Mind

About 4 years ago, I started gaining an interest in photography. I started out with polaroids¬†and it was such a cool thing to watch the photo develop in front of my eyes. Around 2012 though, I had the option of continuing my hobby through film by upgrading to a medium format film camera or going digital. I eventually chose to go digital and couldn’t be more happier. I am a technology lover and making the switch to digital just made sense when I think about it now. I calculated the savings of going digital and found out that it would save me a couple thousand dollars compared to shooting film. The great thing about editing digital images is that there’s is much more flexibility to it than film. Tweaking my image to my taste is what sets my work apart from other people’s. Some cameras now have apps like smartphones too! By making the switch to digital, I save money and thoroughly enjoy photography more than ever.