ILA 3 & 4

Forgive my lack of blog posts, I often forget that I also have to post here as well.

If it is a Website (not a database)

Website Title: Vox

Sponsor: Vox Media

Last Update: 06 September 2014

Date of Viewing: 11 December 2014

Any page #s?: 1

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1.Todd VanDerWerff has worked with many pieces for many publications. He was the copy-editor for The Press-Enterprise for 3 years then worked as a freelance TV writer for The A.V. Club,, and the Los Angeles Times. In 2010 he started working for the Onion as a TV Editor that coordinated dozens of people, editing the coverage, and wrote 10-15 pieces a week for almost 4 years. Now, Todd is the Culture Editor for Vox, he now is the head writer and responsible for a staff of other writers.

2.In this source, Todd VanDerWerff is thoroughly summarising the gamergate situation. He goes in-depth with everything or at least the things that are significant with gamergate such as video game journalism ethics, misogyny, politics, Sarkeesian, and the Quinn. He tries to wade through all the information and discover what all the these things have to do with each other and comes to the conclusion that gamergate is different depending on who you ask. Some people may say it’s about journalism and ethics, some may say they hate women and women are detrimental to video games.

3.I really liked this source since it centralises everything for me and has helped me have a clearer understanding of what gamergate is or at least, the most unbiased opinion since Todd VanDerWerff offers different perspectives and different sources of input. This source allows me to use information included or if I wanted to dive more in-depth about a topic it briefly covers than I can just google it. It made me realise that this gamergate movement could have really changed the landscape of gaming, but in the end, thanks to some bad apples, isn’t able to do so.

4.I will quote some interviews that Todd VanDerWerff has done with people from the Guardian and other sources. It gives me a lot of things I need for my essay such as background info, thoughts on the matter, perspectives, in-depth coverage of video game journalism ethics and so on.

If it is a Website (not a database)

Website Title: Boston Globe

Sponsor: Boston Globe

Last Update: 27 January 2013

Date of Viewing: 11 December 2014

Any page #s?: 1

Link to source or Physical Location:

1.LeaH Burrows is the Senior Research Communications Specialist of Brandeis University. She’s “an experienced journalist with a strong background in science, Leah spent three years as a reporter in the Greater Boston area. Her work has appeared in The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and Biblical Archaeology Review, and on” (Brandeis University)

2.In this source, Burrows explores the current state of women in the video game industry. She writes that women are not often hired as programmers or other technical jobs. Most often women apply as artists and most women compared to men don’t have STEM degrees. She talks about the unfairness in the industry and that even though there is unfairness, it is much better than it was 30 years ago.

3.This source surprised me and at the same time didn’t surprise me since I knew that like every industry out there, women get paid less, it was just that the difference was so large was what I didn’t expect. I’m inspired to devote a significant paragraph to the these injustices and I’m especially ashamed that some of the video game professionals I respected may have likely done these things.

4.This source provides with data covering the annual income of men vs women in the video game industry and how women are often treated badly. It will help me with my paragraph about women and gamergate and show the discrepancies within the industry.


One thought on “ILA 3 & 4

  1. So! since you posted both of your ILA’s in one post, i’m just going to reply to both of them. Thanks for the opportunity!

    ILA 4 This topic is so interesting. I only know a little about the actual subject so i’m interested in seeing your essay and how it comes out. For your second source, by Lean Burrows, I find it very personal and it’s a great insight of someone who is a female in the male dominant industry. Not only that, it’s great that it comes with a side dish of facts and a never ending milk-shake of information to digest. It’s pretty recent to, just about to hit two years old and I think that’s a great time frame for the subject itself. I think this source will help you very well with writing your essay. Good luck!

    ILA 4 The title of the first source immediately grabs the attention of almost anyone remotely interested in video games. Great choice in that area. I was pleasantly surprised in the amount of sheer information that this article holds. It describes the situation of gamer gate down to a tee along with all the individuals involved. I can see this being a very strong source to your essay because it will allow you to easily define everything about gamer gate. This is the most recent source i’ve seen out of everyone’s essay so far so great job on that! The only thing that I would say would be bad about this source.. is well nothing. I typed that sentence out and thought about it but I couldn’t come up with anything. great job, man!


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