Gamergate Research Questions

My research question is: How has Gamergate affected the video game industry as a whole? Most of my research will most likely be secondary research as this topic will need a lot fo analysis. I will also do primary research since many of the people involved in it have given interviews and their view on Gamergate too. I predict I will find the true reason behind Gamergate and that the video game journalism ethics is just a coverup of what the true problem is. I might have trouble thinking of what this and rhetoric have in common, but other than that.


One thought on “Gamergate Research Questions

  1. This is an interesting topic. I’m interested in seeing your paper after it’s all finished! I believe you’ll find most of your information on the internet. I first learned about Gamergate through a site called Reddit, so you can always utilize their search feature (it’s a little crappy, just use keywords) to see what some individuals have said about it. Good luck!


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